Bird Deterrent Systems, Glasgow, Scotland

Hawkman Services have been established for over 18 years. During this time we have built up an excellent reputation with many of our satisfied clients.

We offer pest control services to the domestic and commercial market, however we specialise in the Avian Pest control i.e. Birds. We use a natural way of controlling pest birds. We use Hawks, during the process we use Hawks that are flown in to the troubled areas where the pest birds are roosting. The hawks presence becomes known to the other birds and prevents them from roosting in that particular area. This method means that no bird is harmed, and the problem is eradicated in a humane way.

Discreet, Effective, Reliable Systems To Combat The problem of Unwanted Birds.

Nesting birds can cause:

Damage to Buildings - Nesting material, fouling and accumulated debris frequently lead to blocked gutters and downpipes, damaging overflows and possible water ingress. Bird droppings also contain harmful acids that erode stonework.

Maintenance Penalty - Bird fouling mars many buildings fascades especially those with ornate features and this means expensive maintenance work to clean masonry windows and paintwork and to repair resultant damage.

Health Hazards - Pest Birds are vectors of disease carrying a wide range of bacteria such as salmonella, psittacosis and ornithosis. Their nests also promote secondary infestations of unpleasant insects and mites. Then there is the increased risk of accidents from slippery, bird fouled pavements and staircases.

Food contamination - In the food industry birds can cause untold damage, particularly in the light of today's food safety regulations, by contaminating foodstuffs with their droppings, feathers and dirt.

Loss of goodwill - For many organisations where the maintenance of good food hygiene standards is vital to corporate image, bird fouling on or around premises can threaten both reputation and customer goodwill.

Anti Perch Systems

All measures deployed by Hawkman services Ltd have been carefully chosen to be effective, yet unobtrusive and whenever possible to leave bird life unharmed.

Many anti perch systems are available. Many situations call for more conclusive measures than simple perching deterrence and here Hawkman Services Ltd can provide other solutions all undertaken with the expertise and professionalism that comes from a dedicated bird control service. All bird control measures are undertaken in strict accordance with MAFF and RSPB guideli

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